Solartium Company was founded in 2009 by a group of professionals experienced in the pharmaceutical field: Massimo Bonsi (General Manager of Solartium), Paolo Giorgetti (a well-known entrepreneur in the Italian pharmaceutical industry) and Professor Franco Conti, a prestigious pharmacologist. The professional experience of each founding member, but also their desire to develop, on the Romanian market, a company dedicated to innovation, have concurred to the success of the entire team and the continuous development of the company, which now enjoys having many partners by its side and over a million of satisfied patients.

Two years after it was launched, in 2011, Solartium became part of SYNAPSIS-MEDITRINA, a constantly expanding pharmaceutical group, present in Central and Eastern Europe, with offices in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

With the takeover by SYNAPSIS, Solartium becomes a partner of the European Pharma Network, a pharmaceutical network consisting of European research and development centers and major manufacturers in Europe and the US, which provides the company with constant access to the latest innovations and technologies in the pharmaceutical field.



Our mission, “Innovation in Healthcare”, focuses on facilitating the access of Romanian patients to new and original therapies, in order to improve current therapeutic protocols and increase the quality of life. The wellbeing of our patients comes first, and the careful selection of products that complement our portfolio is a top priority. We identify the specific requirements of the Romanian market, we look for the right resources in order to be able to answer meet them and we evaluate in detail each product entering the market.

For over 10 years, our company has been responsibly promoting progress in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, and we continue to take on this role.


Solartium is a promoter of evidence-based medicine, with over 1000 clinical trials currently underlying our therapies. The selected products meet strict efficiency requirements, they are recommended by the latest international therapeutic protocol guidelines and stand out by an exceptional safety and tolerability profile. All our products are certified and authorized by international and national entities authorized to carry out rigorous controls, which certify their quality and safe administration, in accordance with our values.



We put the safety of our patients and our employees and collaborators first.



Innovation is the foundation of our mission and one of the most important commitments we make to all those we work with (patients, doctors, employees).



We are very careful about the products we bring into our portfolio, and their effectiveness is one of the basic criteria in their choice and also one of the most important values we share with the entire Solartium team.



Progress in the pharmaceutical field is a promise that Solartium has been assuming for over 10 years, with only original products in its portfolio, which stand out with a high profile of safety and tolerability. We have adopted these principles and we fully respect them, stemming from our desire to contribute to the improvement of therapeutic protocols and to the increase of the Romanian patients’ quality of life.

Innovation in Dermatology

  • We are the first company in Romania to launch a range of products based on topical clindamycin (Mask®- Krymi Italy), the ideal antibiotic in the treatment of acne and bacterial folliculitis. Currently, the Mask® range is the most comprehensive range in Romania for the specific treatment and care of acne complexion, being extremely popular among patients and dermatologists in Romania. See details MASK®range
  • Also for patients with acne, rosacea or dermatological conditions that predispose to hyperseborrhea, we recently launched in Romania a unique treatment formula, as a safer alternative in mild and moderate forms to oral medications based on antibiotics or isotretinoin. See details Lactiferon® Derma
  • In partnership with Tor Vergata University of Rome and Krymi Pharmaceutical Laboratories, we have launched Aktin®, the latest formula for the treatment of actinic keratosis in patients with field cancerization, with clinically proven efficacy and a higher safety and tolerability profile than preparations used in classic therapeutic protocols. See details Aktin®
  • For the treatment of infections caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), we brought Veregen®to the Romanian market, the first medicinal product of botanical origin authorized by the FDA and recommended as a first-line treatment in patients with anogenital warts, by the most important international expert fora in Europe and the USA. See details Veregen®
  • Gseba® is the only anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial preparation that can be safely administered to pediatric patients with dermatitis of various etiologies (atopic, seborrheic, irritant contact dermatitis etc.), without adverse effects even when used on extensive skin areas or for prolonged periods. See details Gseba®

Innovation in Gynecology

  • We have launched the first range of lactoferrin-based products and the most complete formula for treating the multiple forms of anemia that can occur in pregnant women, adults or children, recommended by specialized guidelines for their efficiency and safety in administration. See details Lactiferon® and Lactiferon® Plus
  • For patients with vaginal infections, especially those affected by recurrent vaginal candidiasis, we have launched Softigyn®, an innovative formula in the form of a lactobacilli-containing vaginal probiotic, recognized by the FDA as safe to administer. Currently, Softigyn® is the only probiotic in Romania that contains Lactobacillus Plantarum, a strain with specific features that has demonstrated its clinical efficiency in multiple studies. See details Softigyn®
  • To support pregnant women, we have recently launched a revolutionary formula with natural ingredients, recognized by guidelines for their effectiveness in reducing nausea and in case of motion sickness or gastroesophageal reflux. See details Navatac®
  • Fertility issues are perhaps among the most delicate and out of the desire to address the patients who face them, in 2019 we launched a revolutionary product for women, for treating the implications of polycystic ovary syndrome and stimulating ovarian activity, with proven effectiveness in male subfertility as well. See details Inogest®

Innovation in Nephrology and Urology

For urology, our company has developed two exclusive formulas for patients with urolithiasis and chronic urinary tract infections, recommended by the European Guidelines for Urology.

  • In the prevention and treatment of kidney stones (urolithiasis) we have developed an innovative formula based on citrates and vitamin B6, safe to administer even for diabetic patients, which also offers efficiency in treatment due to the pH bands found in the product box. See details Lithoren®
  • We have developed and brought to the Romanian market a new concept for patients with urinary tract infections and those with a urinary catheter, which will facilitate the reduction of pain when changing the catheter, and to provide a diagnosis of urinary pH in real time due to the pH indicator strips in the product box. See details Struviren®



For over 10 years with patients in the Republic of Moldova

Solartium Pharma Moldova, part of the Solartium Group, was established in 2010 in order to facilitate the access of patients from the Republic of Moldova to state-of-the-art, safe and effective therapies, designed to improve current therapeutic protocols.

We keep up with the pharmaceutical development at national level and we are with doctors and pharmacists from the Republic of Moldova every day. Thus, in 2018 we launched a state-of-the-art treatment dedicated to patients with urolithiasis meant to contribute to improving their quality of life.

In 2019, Solartium Pharma was a scientific partner at one of the most important medical events of the year held in Chisinau, "The 7th Congress of Urology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation in the Republic of Moldova with international participation", in which it presented the results of a clinical trial conducted in urolithiasis patients. 

Also in 2019, we officially launched on the Republic of Moldova market the first retinoid-containing medicinal product in the country and the first combination of retinoid + antibacterial agent, with both treatments being recommended by the latest international treatment guidelines in acne vulgaris.

Solartium Pharma promotes healthcare through innovation, alongside a team of professionals with extensive experience in the medical field and constantly investing in research and development.

Currently, the Solartium Pharma portfolio is intended for the dermatology and urology therapeutic areas.


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